As you might have guessed, the Riviera dei Cedri is a place full of natural spectacles and art in its various forms.

Let’s find out together the most important stops of your next itinerary:

The Arcomagno beach

The Arcomagno beach owes its name to the important stone arch which delimits the access to the sea. It has an opening on the rock that led to the creation of a little sandy bay: a natural paradise surrounded by vegetation. Near the Arcomagno beach there is the Grotta del Saraceno, a marine cavity characterized by a source of fresh water on the inside. The best way to get there is by walking down a pathway in the rocks, and along the way you can admire the wonderful landscapes on the tirrenic coast of Calabria, on Praja a Mare and the Dino Island.

The Dino Island

The Dino Island is the biggest of this region, with a perimeter of 3km and about 50 hectars of vegetation. It hosts a few caves: the most importanti is the Grotta Azzurra, so called because of its crystalline waters and the play of lights on its inside. It is possible to visit it by boat, partecipating to one of the many excursions, organized by Praja a Mare or Diamante.

The Cirella’s Island

The Cirella’s Island is the main character of the many sunset views from Diamante. Takes its name from the old settlement in Cirella (to the date still fraction of Diamante). It hosts a tower built in the middle 1500 to prevent incursions of the pirates to the city of the ancient Cirella. A nice dip in the waters of the island is what you’ll want to enjoy the beautiful Posidonia seabed. Don’t forget to bring your mask for an unforgettable time of snorkeling! To go visit the Arcomagno, the Dino Island or the Cirella Island you can call Mirko Patamia: +39 349 682 6980

The ancient Cirella

The ancient Cirella is a beautiful archeological open-air museum. It tells the story of a village 170 meters above the sea waters. Now you can visit it by just going for a walk throught the medieval city ruins. To go see the ancient city, you can simply get to the parking lot of the Anfiteatro dei Ruderi, leave the car and get ready with your camera to jump into the beauty of these magical places suspended in time. Every year the Amphitheater hosts a music season with great national guests and more. We suggest you take part to, at least, one of this spectacles.

The Murales

The Murals are a distinctive trait of Diamante. Their story begins in 1981 thanks to Nani Razzetti, a world famous italian artist. Since that one lucky year the initiative never stopped and the Operation Murals (Operazione Murales) brings every year numerous artists from the whole world. A new declination of this phenomen is the Street Art Operation (OSA – Operazione Street Art), which started a few years back and still continues to paint the houses of Diamante. Past and present get together to give life to bright future: don’t you miss this unique experience!

The Sila

The Sila is a fragment of the Appennino in the heart of Calabria. We previously told you that the Riviera is not only sea and beaches, and Sila, along with the Pollino National Park, is proof of that. With its lakes, uplands, trails and breathtaking landscapes Sila is the right place to be one with nature and breathe the most clean air in Europe. Yes, you read correctly! But Sila is also sport, thanks to its ski slopes, and it is food and wine with tipical restaurantes proposing only authentic and genuine calabrian cusine. And for the little ones we have adventure parks, farms with animals, il Trenino della Sila, the Lavender park, the boat ride, etc... Every corner hides a new discovery, you’ll see for yourself. You don’t want to miss this rich stop, do you?


Welcome to the largest open-air museum in Italy. Also known as the city of Chilli, Diamante it has over two hundred paintings on the walls of the houses and palaces that decorate it. to be continued…

6 km south of Diamante is Belvedere Marittimo, a much larger town geographically than it is it extends over two different heights (marina and town) as well as in the numerous districts. Belvedere is steeped in history and the his churches testify to this. To be  continued…

We are in the municipality of Diamante, the village is located on a promontory, in the locality of Praino, 200 meters above sea level sea ​​level and less than 1km from the city center. To be continued…

As you may have already guessed, the Riviera dei Cedri is a concentrate of natural spectacles and artistic forms of various kinds. To be continued…

For your unforgettable holiday, full of white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea, we offer you this detached villa, just 70 meters from the sea and with a private swimming pool. To be continued…

The Arcomagno beach owes its name to the imposing stone arch that delimits the access to the sea. It is formed by an opening in the rock that led to be continued…

To better enjoy the Riviera dei Cedri, we present some outdoor activities that will certainly surprise you for their lively taste. Continua…

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