To get a better taste of the Riviera of the Cedars we present you some open-air activities that will surprise you.

 You can book them by yourself or with our support. With previous agreements we also offer interpreting service.

Calabrian paths: trekking & hiking

Try excursioning the cultural and historical Riviera to the discovery of the great naturalistic heritage. You can learn the beneficial qualities nature can have on man when it’s created a real connection with the incontamineted surroundings. Book your excursion: Maria Teresa Gallelli +39 347 449 2775

Fishing sport with Antonello Salvi, world champion of fishing with rot

Award-winning citizen of Belvedere, Antonello is a simple man with a big endownment: to love the sea and its treasures. This love became passion for fishing and sport, until reaching his first places in big competitions. Antonello has another endownment: his simplicity. Despite being one of the most important exponents of world sport fishing, he gives us the possibility to live a unique experience with him. Get on board!

The Golf courses of the Grand Hotel San Michele

Far from city center the Grand Hotel San Michele is surrounded by 44 hectares of farm that supplies the hotel and by a 9 hole Golf course. Relax yourself with a nice round while breathing saltiness air before continuing the walk to the discovery of the Riviera. Info: 0982 91012

Open-air sport

Would you like to feel the pleasures of the Riviera while oxygenating mind and body? It is possible thanks to a dedicated personal training service that will take you to see some very suggestive corners of the place with the right technique to heal your body: through the oldest medicine of all, sport. Close your eyes, breathe, feel your body thanking you, open your eyes and admire the beauty! Even your soul will be thankful. Christian awaits you in the largest fintess area of Calabria: la Castellana Sport Village. Personal training, pilates, padel, etc... Christian Marino: +39 347 271 9507

The Cedar and the Chili Pepper

After this whole journey it’s time to regain the energy! Isn’t tipical food the best way to discover the territory? The Cedar, ancient fruit, recalls every year tourists and visitors from all around the world. Did you know? Every year numerous rabbis come straight from Israel to choose the “most perfect” fruits to take to the Holy Land to celebrate the Sukkot. Taste it in its various forms: ice cream, liquor, with fish... the way you like it the best! Since its arrival from America, chili pepper became one of the main characters of the Mediterranian cusine. In Calabria it is also used as the main ingredient for some dishes. It became so important that thirty years ago a celebration was created in its name, the famous “il Festival del Peperoncino". You’ll find it everywhere!

Traditions and folklore

From the Holy Week to the local fairs, from the food and wine market to patronal festivities, the Riviera of the Cedars hosts so many events along the seasons that will enrapture you for their strong and authentic taste. Some festivities never died in time, like the Processione dei Battenti. Those are all experiences to live in first person al least once in your life, experiences that you’ll tell in your next trip, and that you’ll only find here.


We are in the municipality of Diamante, the village is located on a promontory, in the locality of Praino, 200 meters above sea level sea ​​level and less than 1km from the city center. To be continued…

Welcome to the largest open-air museum in Italy. Also known as the city of Chilli, Diamante it has over two hundred paintings on the walls of the houses and palaces that decorate it. to be continued…

As you may have already guessed, the Riviera dei Cedri is a concentrate of natural spectacles and artistic forms of various kinds. To be continued…

For your unforgettable holiday, full of white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea, we offer you this detached villa, just 70 meters from the sea and with a private swimming pool. To be continued…

To better enjoy the Riviera dei Cedri, we present some outdoor activities that will certainly surprise you for their lively taste. Continua…

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