Welcome to The Riviera dei Cedri

The Riviera dei Cedri is a section of Calabria road about 80km long that goes from Tortora (north) to Paola (south). The name comes from the historical way of cultivating the Cedars in that area, leading it to become part of the culture and the identity of a people. From its name we can catch the main features of this territory: the climate is mild, poorly ventilated and not subject to thermal changes. These methereological peculiarity have allowed the cultivation of cedar for centuries, also defined in the Bible as “the fruit of the most beautiful tree”. 

But the Riviera dei Cedri is not only a coast! A mervelous invisible line connects the mountains of the Parco Nazionale del Pollino from Orsomarso to Sila, without leaving out wonderful summits like the “Cozzo del Pellegrino” and the breathtaking landscapes surrounding it.

From the sea to the mountain, from the beach to the village, the Riviera dei Cedri is a varied territory rich in natural beauty in every corner. We welcome you to its discovery and we look forward for you to visit it as soon as possible!

Diamante: city of Murals and Chili Peppers

Welcome to one of the biggest open-air museum of Italy. Also known as the city of Chili Peppers, Diamante counts more than two hundreds paintings on buildings or houses’ walls decoring it. Because of this Diamante is defined City of Murals, forcing visitors and tourists to admire the works on the walls, looking upwards. One day with your nose up will not be enough to discover all the works of art left on our houses’ walls, because every year new ones are added. One thing is certain: going aroung the murals, stopping to taste the tipical products in the various shops, looking out to admire the beaches from the different views of the Old Town (centro storico) is a once in a lifetime experience. Better if it is periodically repeated!

Belvedere: city of love and more

6km south of Diamante is Belvedere Marittimo, geographically a bigger town, extended on two heighs (Marina and Paese) other than in noumerous lands. Belvedere is rich in history an its churches can testify that. It also hosts the birthplace of San Daniele, to this day still open to visitors, of which the population of Belvedere and more has a big and profound devotion. From the naturalistic point of view, of particular interest there are the Calanchi, real “natural sculptures” of marine terraces and yellow sands, made up of hills and clayay valleys. One of which, il Solitaio, is on the SS18, at the crossroads to Belvedere Marittimo Marina. Our operational headquarters are in Belvedere Marittimo, mark it!


We are in the municipality of Diamante, the village is located on a promontory, in the locality of Praino, 200 meters above sea level sea ​​level and less than 1km from the city center. To be continued…

Welcome to the largest open-air museum in Italy. Also known as the city of Chilli, Diamante it has over two hundred paintings on the walls of the houses and palaces that decorate it. to be continued…

As you may have already guessed, the Riviera dei Cedri is a concentrate of natural spectacles and artistic forms of various kinds. To be continued…

For your unforgettable holiday, full of white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea, we offer you this detached villa, just 70 meters from the sea and with a private swimming pool. To be continued…

To better enjoy the Riviera dei Cedri, we present some outdoor activities that will certainly surprise you for their lively taste. Continua…

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